Making Progress on Website Completion …

It’s been over a year since I last posted an update, but that doesn’t mean there’s been no action. Behind the scenes, I’ve been continuing to sell parts of my Lord of the Rings collection on eBay. When I get time, I will add that backlog of description details and item images here. And then, the plan is to add some pieces with analysis and reflections of things I’ve learned in the process of studying media materials about this epic. So, thanks for visiting, and stay tuned …

What’s New? August 2014

Over the past 3 months, I’ve gotten most items in my LOTR collection — and a decade’s worth of notes — sorted and ready to finish processing! I’ll be listing most of the collection on eBay over the next few months. As I take photos of items for those listings, I’ll be transferring the item descriptions and images over here, with hopefully not much lag time. So, that will help finish off the “Collector Notes” base, and perhaps in the near future I can complete the articles I’ve planned to write about the Lord of the Rings movie franchise.

Meanwhile, as I finalize the format of this site, I’ll be making additional changes in the page structure and numbering system. So, I’m sure some links will end up broken temporarily, but one of the last stages will be to check all links and fix anything that needs changing.

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m selling, check my eBay sales listings at “matrixman2.” Consider “favoriting” me as a seller and/or subscribing to this LOTR Collector Notes site to get automatic updates on what’s on sale next. Already listed or going up soon:

  • Proceedings of the JRR Tolkien Centenary Conference. A real rarity from 1992, with over 60 scholarly articles in 450+ pages.
  • Legolas notebook collection from NECA: three-ring binder, loose-leaf paper, and spiral-bound notebook.
  • Complete collection of all 6 official three-ring binders from Topps Lord of the Rings trading card sets from the movies.
  • LOTR Fan Club complete set of all 4 Limited Edition Lithographs: Balrog and  Cave Troll (only 1,500 of each produced), Sauron, and the Witch-King of Angmar (only 3,000 each).
  • LOTR Fan Club greeting card set (5 cards), and Fan Club mini-calendar.

I’ll likely be posting new items every few days or so. Auctions will include many hard-to-find individual items, complete sets, and mini-collections from a wide range of official/licensed merchandise, event memorabilia, and print materials.  I will be listing items from: press kits and promos movie and DVD release, invitations to premieres, LOTR Fan Club, LOTR stage musical, LOTR Exhibition, Japanese chirashi and program books, postcards, trading cards, toys, games, Decipher CCG and RPG.  Many of these have rarely been seen the past few years … so, this is a great opportunity to fill in your collection.

Thanks for visiting — Brad