800 Thoughts on Production Process

This page introduces the indexes and critical analysis essays I’ll eventually produce for resources in print and digital forms for a range of behind-the-scenes production work. For instance:

What key books, Fan Club magazines, DVD special features, and other easily accessible collector sources could you check out if you were interested in how all the chainmaille for the trilogy was made?

What special features on the Theatrical and Special Extended Edition DVDs for each film relate to special effects production work? What print resources cover similar materials?

Where can I find interviews with Ngila Dickson, plus print information about details on the process of costume design and production? Which Topps Trading Cards and other sources show design sketches as well as finished costumes?

My tentative outline is:

1. Book-to-Script Adaptations

  • The Adaptation Process
  • Reference Charts

2. Preliminary Film Planning

  • Concept Art
  • Storyboards
  • Pre-Vizualization Animatics

3. Creating Realistic Characters and Cultures

  • Casting
  • Character and Costume Design
  • Set Design, Construction, and Greenswork
  • Production of Weapons, Accessories, and Props

4. Techniques Used for Simultaneous Filming and Production of Three Movies

  • On location/location scouting
  • In studio/stages
  • Scheduling and Continuity
  • Editing

5. Special Effects – Digital, Mechanical, and Practical

  • Miniatures / “Big-atures”
  • Stuntwork
  • Digital Grading

6. Musicscapes and Soundscapes

  • Music Scoring
  • Music Soundtrack Production
  • Sound Effects

7. Documenting the Filming Process

  • Still Photography
  • Video Diaries and Documentaries
  • Interviews, Magazine Articles, Biographies

8. Marketing and Product Licensing

  • Marketing Screeners
  • Partnering/Licensing Press Packages
  • “Style Guide” (to maintain design consistency in products and packaging)

9. Promotional Events

  • Press Events/Junkets
  • Premieres and Gala Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Fan Conventions

10. Theatrical Release

  • Trailers and Other Key Advertising
  • Critics and Their Reviews
  • Awards Promotions

11. Follow-Up Promotions and Projects

  • Additional DVD and soundtrack Version Releases
  • Tourism and Travel

12. Assessing the Impact

  • Fan Responses
  • Charity Partnerships
  • Social Transformation Messages and Movements Sparked by the Movies