New Zealand & Tourism*

In this page, we’ll take a look at resources on New Zealand as the “home of Middle-earth,” not just as the setting for the LOTR trilogy, but afterward as a location for travel and tourism. Be sure to see the page on Air New Zealand for materials on their promotions.

  • New Zealand: “Best Supporting Country”
  • Filming the Trilogy in New Zealand
  • Travel and Tourism in New Zealand

New Zealand: “Best Supporting Country”

The following quote comes from Chapter 4, Finding and Generating News, in a section on Timeliness for “What Makes News,” in Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox (5th edition, 2005, ISBN 0-205-41849 – now in a 6th edition).

A popular movie can also provide a timely opportunity. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand and, after the film won an Oscar for cinematography, the New Zealand government launched an international public relations and advertising campaign billing the nation as “best supporting country.”

New Zealand hopes to capitalize on the popularity of the hit movie series by marketing the country around the world as a destination for family tourism and a great location for Hollywood productions. There already are tours for Hobbit fans, and the New Zealand tourist Web site announces “Experience New Zealand, Home of Middle Earth.” (Page 95.)

Filming the Trilogy in New Zealand

Forthcoming. Includes press kit on sites throughout New Zealand used for filming The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Travel and Tourism in New Zealand

Forthcoming. Includes “Hobbit tours,” New Zealand/Middle-earth travel guides, and advertisements for traveling to/in New Zealand.