NCH Pins/Badges*


NCH Character Pins/Badges

NCH – Action for Children Charity – Pins/Badges

As far as I can recall, I have seen only one charity with licensed LOTR products, and it is the UK Children’s Charity, NCH (National Children’s Homes / Action for Children).

NCH issued a series of enameled lapel pins of LOTR characters, coinciding with ROTK. The images are the same as the character line-drawings found in coloring books, the Japanese Bourbon Card series, and the Activity Studio Paint and Create workshop.

To date (2010), I have seen pins (typically called “badges” in the UK) for the following eight characters:

  1. Aragorn
  2. Eowyn
  3. Frodo
  4. Gandalf the White
  5. Gimli
  6. Gollum
  7. Legolas
  8. Orc

The badge (which is approximately 4cm/1.5″ high) comes with a folded card, and protected by a clear, self-sealing envelope. The dimensions of the folded card are 6cm H x 4cm W (approximately 2.375″ H x 1.625″ W). The dimensions of the card unfolded are 6cm H x 8cm W/ 2.375″ H x 3.125″ W.

On the front of the card is a photograph of the character in an iconic scene from ROTK. On the back is a description of NCH, contact information for them and for The Big Badge Company, which produced this series of pins/badges. On the inside is a description of the character and his/her role in the LOTR storyline.

These pins/badges are most frequently found for auction on the UK eBay site.