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Jerry VanderStelt Studio

Several series of licensed LOTR lithographs/art prints have been created by Jerry VanderStelt, including a special series commemorating the film trilogy. For a complete gallery, check out the Jerry VanderStelt Studio.

LOTR Exhibition – London Museum of Science

One of the items sold in the Museum bookstore for the exhibition were character lithographs. These are similar in style to the set of 9 lithographs found in Character Portfolio #2, with several views of the character and a one-word theme describing what drives him/her. All were copyrighted 2003 and issued in limited editions of 2000.

  • Smeagol / Pity
  • Gollum / Hunger
  • Galadriel / Beauty
  • The Witch King / Despair

RingCon 2003

There was a special limited edition of 250 for a lithograph of Legolas.