Artbox FilmCardz

FilmCardz 1

Artbox Entertainment – the manufacturer of the lenticular Flipz cards – issued an 11″x17″ sell sheet for FilmCardz, another of their products planned for release with The Fellowship of the Ring. However, I have found no evidence that these were ever produced.

Description of FilmCardz

As described and pictured in the sell sheet, FilmCardz were designed as single-image film cells on transparent acetate, held in a sturdy double-sided cardstock frame that is printed with the same kinds of icons that appear consistently across many different partner companies’ products. (For instance, The One Ring icon is usually printed on materials that show Frodo, there is another icon that identifies Hobbits, another for Dwarves, etc.)

The sell sheet shows three sample FilmCardz – Frodo and Sting, Orcs in battle, and Gandalf in Moria. They were meant to be viewed with a specially made (and separately sold) Official FilmCardz Viewer. The Gandalf FilmCardz is shown in the Viewer.

The exact size is not noted, but they appear to be larger than regular sized film slides.

The FilmCardz Set

There were to be 72 FilmCardz in the set, plus 12 chase Cardz. There were to be 24 packs per box, and 5 FilmCardz per pack.

Contest and Special Sideshow/Weta Offer

FilmCardz 2

A contest and special offer were planned, in conjunction with Sideshow/Weta:

  • Grand Prize – A set of every open-edition piece produced by Sideshow/Weta in their Series One, Two, and Three – figures, busts, and helmets.
  • First Prize – All Series One, Two, and Three figures.
  • Second Prize – All Series One, Two, and Three busts.
  • Third Prize – All All Series One, Two, and Three helmets.
  • Special Offer – A unique Orc Legion Helm (1/4 scale). Details found on the FilmCardz packets.

Similar Product

Although FilmCardz were ultimately not produced by Artbox, a similar kind of item does appear elsewhere. The UK Burger King toy and film cell box sets have oversized slides/film cells.