Cadbury Chocolate*

Cadbury Chocolate issued 20-card preview sets for The Fellowship of the Ring and for The Two Towers. These sets featured the main characters – both heroes and key villains.

The UK and Australian sets were very similar in the set of characters, the order of presentation, and the photography sources used. That made them show a lot of similarity to the initial character card section in the Topps trading card sets for FOTR and TTT. (As I understand it, Topps produced these mini-sets exclusively for Cadbury Chocolate.) However, the UK and Australian sets were numbered differently, if I recall correctly, as my sets are hiding in storage somewhere and so I can’t confirm this detail at the moment: The UK sets were numbered L1 through L20, and the Australian sets were numbered C1 through C20.

The Fellowship of the Ring Preview Sets

Australian FOTR Set

Images forthcoming.


Images forthcoming.

The Two Towers Preview Sets

Australian TTT Set

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Images forthcoming.