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  • The Fellowship of the Ring Activity Studio
  • The Two Towers Activity Studio
  • The Return of the King Activity Studio

Alternative Software

Go to the website of Alternative Software, and you will find buttons for various product lines at the top navigation area.

Click on “LOTR” and a graphic with all three film titles will appear, over a backdrop of the Mordor, the Tower of Barad-dur, Mount Doom, and The One Ring.

Click on a film title, and new graphics will appear specific to that film, along with visual links to Alternative Software’s Activity Studio and other products for that film (such as Mouse Mat, Souvenir CD Set, etc.).

The Activity Studio page includes box art, a summary of the media included, some screen shots or samples of what the Activity Studio produces (such as coloring pages and calendar sheets), and RRP (Recommended Retail Price) in British pounds.

  • FOTR – 8 samples/screenshots
  • TTT – 8 samples/screenshots
  • ROTK – 9 samples/screenshots

Activity Studio Contents

Each Activity Studio features eight sections or programs:

  • Print Studio – images that can be used to create bookmarks, calendars, flyers, greeting cards, labels, party invitations and kits, posters, stationery, etc.
  • Interactive Map – map includes how characters interact at specific locations, and option for printing posters of locations
  • Desktop Creator – wallpapers to customize your desktop
  • Paint and Create – line drawings that can be printed out in black-and-white format as coloring pages, or that can be colored/painted in the studio
  • Character Guide/Character Profiles – facts and descriptions of various characters, along with the option to print character poster
  • Screensavers
  • Puzzle Room – various kinds of games, puzzles, and trivia
  • Web Links for online LOTR merchandise

The original UK RRP was £19.99 and the US Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price depended on the packaging, generally $19.99 (for the “big box” versions) or $9.99 (for jewel case). Current prices (2010) for new and used copies tend to run a few dollars on eBay or Amazon, with the box versions usually being more difficult to locate, and jewel case or paper sleeve versions easier to find. (In the boxed versions, most of the space is taken up by a cardboard insert designed to keep the box from being crushed, and the disc itself was packaged in a paper sleeve.)

The Fellowship of the Ring Activity Studio

Activity Studio ~ The Fellowship of the Ring

Packaging Versions: Big box.

The Two Towers Activity Studio

Activity Studio ~ The Two Towers

Packaging Versions: DVD-style holder.

The Return of the King Activity Studio

Packaging Versions: Medium-sized box, and jewel case with cardstock sleeve.