700 Product Partner Index

Partner/Product Indexes

This page has two types of index formats for partners (licensees) and their products:

  • A categorized index of product types, listing the licensed partners who manufactured or distributed one or more items in that category, and some fan-based products, such as type fonts in Middle-earth runes and writing styles.
  • An alphabetical index of LOTR licensed partners, with notations on what kind of product(s) they produced/distributed.

I’ve tried to make this as useful as possible for locating your specific item of interest, so you can cross-reference product type and manufacturer. For instance, I knew there was a Lord of the Rings pinball machine, but didn’t know it was created by Stern. Once I found that out, I found their website, which has lots of intriguing details available. So, having these indexes won’t take all the work out of your search – and it isn’t meant to, so you can enjoy the journey of research for yourself – but hopefully it will give you some great leads.

When I add a new product page to this site, I update the index. Also, there are many products that I have no information on, as New Line Cinema and Tolkien Enterprises licensed hundreds of items. So, my beginning list is eclectic, based on what I’ve been most interested in viewing and studying. Perhaps over time I’ll be able to find people to contribute material for additional pages. Maybe you? If so, let me know!

My Initial Categorized Index of Product Types

  • Books – Audiobooks, Lord of the Rings and related book and film tie-in materials, other books.
  • Card Games – Playing cards, Collectible Card Games (CCGs) – but not trading cards.
  • Cards and Stickers – Trading card sets, Flipz 3D cards, sticker sets.
  • Charities – Licensed products used by, or partnerships with, non-profit/charity organizations.
  • Concept Art – Sources for exploring the evolution of costumes, props, sets, and scenes.
  • Critical Analysis – Resources for exploring literary criticism for LOTR and histories of Middle-earth.
  • DVD Versions – Theatrical, extended, limited edition, Blu-ray.
  • Exhibitions – Exhibits, museum presentations, and other resources for delving deeper into behind-the-scenes processes in creating the cultures of Middle-earth.
  • Fonts – Calligraphy, runes, and writing systems of Middle-earth, including fan-created fonts that can be downloaded free or purchased.
  • Games – Games (other than card games or video games) based in LOTR: board games, RPGs, game machines, puzzles.
  • Magazines – Mostly special edition magazines that focus on LOTR, rather than magazines with miscellaneous articles about LOTR.
  • Media/Multimedia – Digital and print media: activity studios, bookmarks, CDs, CD-ROMs, coloring pages, screensavers, wallpapers.
  • Music and Soundtracks – LOTR score, soundtracks, symphony concerts, live performances with film projects, and music inspired by LOTR books.
  • Photography – Banners, calendars, lithographs, postcards, and posters.
  • Press Materials and Premieres – Official press materials (press kits, digital asset kits, marketing promos, pressbooks, programs), press junkets, and premieres.
  • Promotions and Partnerships – Promotional materials from partners in the making LOTR films, or partners with licensed products, contests, or other connections.
  • Reproductions and Speciality Items – Coins, medallions, and various kinds of reproductions or miniatures (jewelry, helms, weapons, etc.).
  • Stamps – Stamps and special/commemorative presentation folders.
  • Study Resources – Both popular and technical materials for studying primary sources on books and film versions of LOTR, and secondary sources for interpreting these works.
  • Theology and Philosophy – Materials that focus on the influences of Tolkien’s Catholic theology, the philosophy and ethics embodied in his Christian humanism, the Inklings writers’ group, etc.
  • Toys and Figures – Action figures, dolls, tradeable miniatures, fast food premium toys.
  • Trading Cards – Various kinds and sizes of trading cards that feature LOTR photography, artwork, line drawings/cartoons, sketches, etc.
  • Travel, Tourism, and Trade – Business and organizations that promote New Zealand as a locale for visiting or working in.
  • Video Games – Video games and related guides, tips, and promotional items.

Indexes forthcoming.

The Fellowship of the Ring Initial Licensees List

The following official list of US Licensees for The Fellowship of the Ring comes from the FOTR Licensing and Press Advertising Materials Kit. The seven-page licensee list includes contact information and brief description of their licensed products for 31 licensees in eight different categories: accessories, apparel, collectibles, gifts and novelties, publishing, seasonal, stationery and paper goods, and toys and games. Since this is an official list of the first set of licensees for the first film, I find the choice of categories important to note, because my collection was started for a media studies project on global franchising of a mega-movie series.

The list also states whether a particular licensee has sales rights for the US, US territories and possessions, US military bases, Canada, and/or worldwide (with or with exclusions of specific countries or regions). This information was also important as a source for studying region-based franchising, distinctive product interests, and vendor competition.

Accessories (1)

  • Headstart Headwear – headwear

Apparel (2)

  • Giant Merchandising – t-shirts
  • Jem Sportswear – printed t-shirts

Collectibles (6)

  • Art Box Entertainment, Inc. – Flipz, stickers, and Film Cel Cardz
  • Collectible Concepts Group – wall scrolls, pins, paperweights
  • The Noble Collection – swords, jewelry, chess sets – direct mail
  • Serious USA, Inc. – CD Cardz
  • Sideshow Toy/Weta Ltd. – polystone collectibles
  • United Cutlery – sword replicas, miniature sword replicas

Gifts and Novelties (5)

  • Applause LLC – range of novelty, figural, and home office products
  • Basic Fun – sculpted keychains
  • DecoPac – cake decorations
  • Department 56 – miniature buildings, Christmas ornaments, giftware
  • United States Playing Card Company – playing cards

Publishing (4)

  • Decipher Inc. – movie fan club
  • Harper Collins Children’s UK – children’s tie-in books (worldwide)
  • Harper Collins UK – tie-in book rights (worldwide)
  • Houghton Mifflin – tie-in books (US)

Seasonal (1)

  • Rubies Costume Co. Inc. – Halloween costumes, accessories, décor, and props

Stationery and Paper Goods (10)

  • Advanced Graphics – life-sized cardboard standees
  • The Antioch Company – bookmarks
  • Ata-Boy Magnets – magnets, acrylic keychains
  • Cedco Publishing – calendars, journals, notecards, and stationery
  • Decipher Inc. – collectible card games, roleplaying games
  • Funky Enterprises, Inc. – posters
  • The Mead Corporation and its Affiliates – wall calendars
  • Playmates Toys Inc. – electronic construction sets with scaled figures, electronic tabletop board games
  • Plymouth Inc. – back-to-school products
  • Topps – trading cards, stickers for use in sticker albums

Toys and Games (2)

  • Electronic Arts – interactive games for PSX2, X-Box, internet
  • Toy Biz, A Division of Marvel Enterprises, Inc. – action figures and accessories

Alphabetical Index of Licensed Partners

These lists include licensees whose products I have created a page for on this website. It is not comprehensive. I selected primarily those US companies with promotional products that I found marketing materials for, and a few international vendors and companies with items I found intriguing.


  • Activity Studios
  • Air New Zealand and Herpa
  • Bassett/Barratt
  • Betexa Games
  • Board Game Index
  • Burger King
  • Buzzy Cards, Stickers


  • Cadbury Chocolate
  • Calendars
  • Cards Inc.
  • Cardz CDs
  • Coins, Medallions
  • Coloring Books/Pages
  • CyberCenes
  • Decipher CCGs
  • Decipher RPGs
  • Dell Multimedia
  • DVDs Other


  • Fantasy Flight
  • Film New Zealand
  • FilmCardz
  • Flipz Cards & Tins
  • Games Workshop


  • Hot Properties
  • Jewelry
  • JVC
  • Kelloggs
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Kia
  • Kinder


  • Lays/Tazo Crisps Cards
  • Lithographs Index
  • Merlin Stickers
  • Music Inspired by LOTR
  • NCH Pins/Badges
  • Nestle
  • New Zealand & Tourism
  • Noble Collection


  • Pachinko, Pachislo
  • Parodies, Humor
  • Pickers
  • Playing Cards
  • Postercards
  • Puzzles


  • Sabertooth Games
  • Screensavers, Wallpapers
  • Stamps
  • Stern Pinball
  • Top Trumps
  • Topps Trading Card Sets
  • ToyBiz Action Figures


  •  [None yet.]