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Empire “Celebration”

“At last the companions turned away, and never again looking back they rode slowly homewards; and they spoke no word to one another … but each had great comfort in his friends on the long grey road.”

from The Grey Havens, that being the last part of The Return Of The King,

that being the final book of The Lord Of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien

Publication Date

January 2004, Supplement to Empire Magazine

Page Size and Number

36 pages, A4 (8.3 inches by 11.7 inches)


Empire magazine’s “The Lord of the Rings: A Celebration” is a gem of a tribute to the The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.  It was issued as a supplement to the January 2004 edition of Empire, a UK magazine, about when The Return of the King was released in theatres. It is not easy to find in the US.

In its 36 pages, “A Celebration” features an introduction, plus quality portraits and interview excerpts for 27 LOTR Trilogy cast and crew members. Each photo includes The One Ring somewhere, and each interview gives delightful, insightful, and poignant responses to various items from the question list.

Interview Questions

The following questions were apparently used with all celebrities interviewed for this special edition Empire supplement. For each individual interview, the responses to several questions were used.

  • How did you first get involved with the project?
  • What are your memories of first getting the role you played?
  • What is your character’s defining moment?
  • What was the toughest thing you had to do?
  • Are your Rings colleagues going to be friends for life?
  • Why do you think Rings has been so successful?
  • What would you say to the six people who didn’t enjoy the trilogy?
  • Which of the other roles would you like to have played?
  • Describe Peter Jackson in three words.
  • What is your fondest memory of New Zealand?
  • What is your favourite piece of Lord of the Rings memorabilia?
  • How does it feel to say goodbye?

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Index of Empire “Celebration” Issue

There is no table of contents in this special edition issue of Empire. The following index makes it easier to find photos and interviews with your favourite stars and behind-the-scenes crew members. The index lists the magazine page number, the name of interviewee and his or her  role in the cast or crew, the place the interview was held, and the date of the interview.

  • Page 1.  Front Cover.
  • Page 2.  Editorial Staff Listing.
  • Page 3-5.  Beginnings … [ an overview].
  • Page 6-7.  Peter Jackson – Director.  Watford, UK, September 2003.
  • Page 8-9.  Elijah Wood – Frodo.  New York, USA, October 2003.
  • Page 10.  Barrie M. Osborne – Producer.  Wellington, New Zealand, June 2003.
  • Page 10-11.  Sir Ian McKellen – Gandalf.  London, UK, May 2003.
  • Page 12.  Cate Blanchett – Galadriel.  London, UK, February 2003.
  • Page 13.  Hugo Weaving – Elrond.  Sydney, Australia, October 2003.
  • Page 14.  Sean Bean – Boromir.  Los Angeles, USA, October 2003.
  • Page 14-15.  Andy Serkis – Gollum.  London, UK, August 2003.
  • Page 16-17.  Miranda Otto – Éowyn.  New York, USA, October 2003.
  • Page 17.  Bernard Hill – King Théoden.  Norney, Surrey, August 2003.
  • Page 18-19.  Orlando Bloom – Legolas.  New York, USA, October 2003.
  • Page 20.  Dan Hennah – Art Director.  Chris Hennah – Art Co-Ordinator. Wellington, New Zealandd, June 2003.
  • Page 20-21.  Christopher Lee – Saruman.  London, UK, August 2003.
  • Page 22.  Sean Astin – Samwise.  New York, USA, October 2003.
  • Page 23.  Dominic Monaghan – Merry.  Los Angeles, USA, July 2003.
  • Page 24.  David Wenham – Faramir.  Melbourne, Australia, October 2003.
  • Page 24-25.  Billy Boyd – Pippin.  London, UK, August 2003.
  • Page 26-27.  Liv Tyler – Arwen.  New York, USA, October 2003.
  • Page 28.  Howard Shore – Composer.  London, UK, September 2003.
  • Page 28.  Alan Lee – Conceptual Designer.  Wellington, New Zealand, July 2003.
  • Page 29.  Mark Ordesky – Executive Producer.  Wellington, New Zealand, July 2003.
  • Page 29.  Richard Taylor – Visual Effects Maestro.  Wellington, New Zealand, July 2003.
  • Page 30.  John Rhys-Davies – Gimli and Treebeard.  London, UK, August 2003.
  • Page 31.  Karl Urban – Éomer.  Vancouver, Canada, July 2003.
  • Page 32-33.  Viggo Mortensen – Aragorn.  New York, USA, October 2003.
  • Page 34.  Sméagol, Gollum.  Mordor, Middle-earth, October 2003.
  • Page 35.  Photographer Credits.
  • Page 36.  Back Cover.