260 Banners, Buntings, Standees

Large-size promotional banners typically are used in special bus stop boxes and at theatres in advance of a film’s release. In addition to a distinctive character composite poster that served as the “key art” for each film in the LOTR trilogy, and perhaps a set of character posters, all kinds of other banners appeared, such as for:

  • DVD/VHS releases and soundtrack releases.
  • Licensed product advertisements (for instance, Warhammer games, Houghton-Mifflin The Lord of the Rings books, Burger King kid’s meal toys).
  • Related events (for instance, the series of exhibitions at Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and for the “Trilogy Tuesday” showing)

These banners came in all sizes and shapes, from 1.5 feet wide and a few feet long, all the way up to a so-called “30-sheet” banner that is about 10 feet tall by 20 feet wide.

They may have been made in paper (matte or glossy, plain or treated), cardstock, PVC, or any of various weights of vinyl.

They might have had grommets and/or ropes and/or rods for hanging, or all of these or none of these.

Even if it was based on the official key art, the artwork may have varied somewhat in different countries. (For instance, the key art character composite for The Two Towers shows only Frodo and Sam … except for a very few other countries, like Singapore and Denmark, which also used older versions of the artwork that included Merry and Pippin to complete the four Hobbits of the Fellowship.

And then, some art or formats were available only in some countries or global regions and not in others.

So, those are just some of the factors that make the project of cataloging and describing banners so complex. I have had a few banners, both common and unusual, pass through my collection over the years, so this project will take a significant amount of time. Thus, I suspect I will be leaving this until I have completed other product and promo pages. When I get to it, you’ll see a note in the What’s New and What’s Next? category. I plan to add separate pages for banners from each of the three LOTR films, plus a page for special “Trilogy Tuesday” posters, banners, and promotions.