224 Jens Hansen Ringmaker (The One Ring)*

Promotional Brochure and Postcard

I will be posting images of promotional pieces from the studio of Jens Hansen, Ringmaker, who designed and constructed the various scales of The One Ring for the film trilogy.

Official Website

The official website for Jens Hansen gives some great details about the design and construction of The One Ring. It includes links to televised news features about the making of The One Ring for Peter Jackson’s LOTR film trilogy.

The website also links to a 5 minute 38 second YouTube video, “Behind the Scenes – Making the Lord of the Rings Props.” You’ll find several brief video clips from the studio that show working on one of the 15 or so different versions of the Ring that were produced. These occur at about 1:35-1:40 and several times in a longer segment on how The One Ring was made, 2:35-4:00.

This video appears to be from an Extended Version or perhaps one of the several promotional specials that were aired, but I haven’t found the exact reference yet.

Video Interview

There is a brief clip of about 15 seconds featuring Thorkild Hansen (Jens’ son) from that studio, talking about the making of The One Ring. It can be found in on the theatrical release version of The Fellowship of the Ring, the bonus disc. It is located about 11 minutes and 45 seconds into the Sci Fi Channel program entitled, “A Passage to Middle-earth.” This interview is in a section on the role of The One Ring that goes from approximately 11:20 through 12:00.