143 DVD Extended: ROTK*

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The Return of the King

Special Extended Edition Digital Asset Kit

ROTK Extended Edition DVD ~ Digital Assets Kit


Digital Assets Kit (DAK) for The Return of the King Special Extended Edition consists of one disc in a printed cardstock single-pocket sleeve.

There were earlier DAKs for at least The Two Towers (Extended) and The Return of the King (Theatrical edition). But what makes the Special Extended Edition DAK distinctive and valuable is that it includes the complete catalog of any and all formats for the DVD and VHS releases:

  • Theatrical, Special Extended, and Collector’s Gift Set editions for each of the 3 films
  • Trilogy Slipcase editions for sets of 3 Theatrical and Extended DVDs
  • Fullscreen and Widescreen

Detailed List of Contents

Folder: Blue cardstock two-panel sleeve.

Interface: This DAK opens with a slideshow overview of key features of the Special Extended Edition. This leads into 4 sections of resources:

  • Packaging and Key Art
  • Advertising Assets
  • Photography
  • Catalog

A “rollover” feature allows you to view items from locating the mouse over the link without clicking.

Packaging and Key Art.

  1. Special Extended Edition: Key Art, Packaging Images A and B, Title Treatment, Billing Block and Logos.
  2. Collector’s DVD Gift Set: Packaging Images A and B, Title Treatment, Billing Block and Logos; view 360-degree preview of Minas Tirith Gift Set figurine.

Advertising Assets.

  • Gift Card versions/prototypes
  • Merchandiser kiosks
  • Advertising Checklist
  • Sample Advertisements in color and in black and white for both SEE and Collector’s Gift Set
  • 4 TV Insets (Aragorn, Arwen, Frodo and Sam, Gandalf the White)

Photography (13 photos from ROTK film scenes in JPEG format, with caption sheet).

Catalog. For each of the 3 films – FOTR, TTT, or ROTK – you can select features for the following editions:

  • Theatrical Edition: (1) Key Art. 3D Packaging: (2) Widescreen DVD, (3) Fullscreen DVD, and (4) Fullscreen VHS. (4) Title Treatment. (5) Billing Block and Logos.
  • Special Extended Edition: (1) Key Art. 3D Packaging (2) Widescreen DVD, (3) VHS, and (4) Gift Set. (5) Title Treatment. (6) Billing Block and Logos.
  • Trilogy sets in slipsleeve: (1) Theatrical edition widescreen, (2) Theatrical edition fullscreen, and (3) Special Extended Edition.

DAK (Special Extended Edition) Rarity and Value: I’ve been collecting and tracking LOTR film trilogy items since about 2002. In my opinion as a student of LOTR publicity and promotional materials, this particular Special Extended Edition Digital Assets Kit is more difficult to find than even the Fellowship of the Ring digital press kit. Over the past few years, it has occasionally appeared on eBay as a separate item, and sometimes packaged with a matching companion 4-panel cardstock folder (11×34) plus radio announcement sales scripts, fact sheet, and ad slicks. Between those two packaging formats, I still recall only having seen this DAK once or twice in the past year (before mid-2010).

So, by obtaining this particular Digital Assets Kit, you get the key images for all versions except the later Limited Edition and Blu-ray releases, for which I’ve not yet found any kind of press kit, and very little formal promotion or advertising.

Special Extended Edition Paper Press Kit

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Other Items

Print Ads

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Other Items

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