142 DVD Extended: TTT*

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The Two Towers

Special Extended Edition – Additional Photography CD-ROM

The edition of this Additional Photography CD-ROM I have was packaged in a paper press kit. It was protected by a plain white CD sleeve with a clear front. The contents include 27 film photos or product images in 6 color-coded rows:

  • Purple – 5 photos – Men of Edoras and Gondor
  • Blue – 5 photos – Helm’s Deep and Osgilliath, and Faramir’s Dream
  • Silver – 5 photos – Merry and Pippin at Fangorn, Isengard, Treebeard’s home, Saruman creates the bomb, Wormtongue and the decree of banishment
  • Green – 2 photos – Peter Jackson and Andrew Lesnie review filming a scene at Gondor, Denethor and Boromir at Osgilliath
  • Yellow – 5 photos – Products: Gift Set, Special Extended Edition (2), title treatment, menu screen shot
  • Red – 5 photos – Products: menu screen shots (5)

Special Extended Edition Paper Press Kit

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