141 DVD Extended: FOTR*

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Marketing The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition

Booklet: “… A Whole New Movie Experience”

This eight-page booklet (11″ wide x 8″ high) for merchandise dealers shows key art for the DVD, VHS, and Gift Set versions of the Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring. It gives release details that would be especially important to retailers (Terms: The acronym “srp” stands for Suggested Retail Price and “map” stands for Minimum Advertised Price. “Street Date” is the official first date that sales are allowed.)

  • DVD – Widescreen / #N5549, $39.99 srp / $29.95 map.
  • VHS – Widescreen / #N5548, $24.99 srp / $16.95 map.
  • Gift Set – #N5611, $79.92 srp / $69.95 map.
  • Street Date – November 12, 2002
  • Order Date – October 8, 2002

The brochure also gives details about the marketing/promotion plans and partners:

  • Supported by an epic advertising and promotional campaign! Over 135 million impressions reaching 80% of target more than 5 times!
  • Network Television (:30/:60 spots). NBC, CBS, The WB, UPN, Fox, ABC, Monday Night Football.
  • Cable Television (:60 spots). USA Network, TNT, MTV, VH1 – Music First, E – Entertainment Television, Discovery Channel.
  • National Print Campaign. Time, People Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, DC Comics, Rolling Stone.
  • Promotional Partners. Air New Zealand, 100% Pure New Zealand, Verizon Wireless. Advertising and promotional information subject to change.
  • Merchandisers [display units]. Art and availability subject to change: DVD only, Gift Set only, and DVD and VHS mix.

Licensing and Press Advertising Materials Kit

This retailer merchandising kit is the paper-based equivalent of a “digital assets” kit on CD-ROM or DVD. It includes all the camera-ready advertising titles, images, and other artwork needed for print ads (i.e., for newspapers, magazines, flyers, slips that go in billing envelopes, etc.). It also includes details for becoming a licensed partner in order to sell products based on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and merchandiser display/sales units for those selling FOTR DVDs and VHS tapes.


Speciality 9×12 Envelope. Heavy paper with Middle-earth map and Tengwar ring inscription.

Brochure: Discover the Power of a Motion Picture Phenomenon. (Vellum cover with gold foil lettering on front of eight-page brochure.) The overall content is very similar to the brochure “A Whole New Movie Experience,” on the release of the Special Extended Edition versions of The Fellowship of the Rings.

This main difference is in the even more elaborate printing of the brochure, which includes the vellum cover with gold foil lettering; iconic panorama photos; and decal-like/gloss overlay printing of the product cases, Point of Purchase promotional items (12 character pins, one full-size poster, four mini-posters, shelf-talker, window cling).

The back vellum cover states that FOTR was the winner of four Academy Awards, and gives quotes from film reviewers. It also notes that FOTR was on over 150 “top ten” lists, including those of Newsweek, Good Morning America, The Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, and The New York Times.

Camera-Ready Ad Sheets. (Four individuals sheets, all with “Street Date” release of August 6, 2002.)

  • Advertising Materials. (Two images – key poster art DVD & VHS covers; key poster art and blank space.)
  • DVD Advertising Materials. (Two identical copies. Multiple images and sizes: DVD case, New Line logo, LOTR wordmark, credits, ISBN bar code, other trademarks.)
  • VHS Advertising Materials. (Multiple images and sizes: VHS case, New Line logo, LOTR wordmark, credits, ISBN bar code, other trademarks.)

Information packets (Four documents, each printed on heavy white paper.)

  • Promotional Partners. (One page.) Chart of partners, promotions, media commitments, and timing. Partners listed: Air New Zealand/Tourism New Zealand; Intel/Gateway; Kia Motors of America; and Nokia/Cricket.
  • US Licensee List. (Seven pages.) Contact information and brief description of their licensed products for 31 licensees in eight different categories: accessories, apparel, collectibles, gifts and novelties, publishing, seasonal, stationery and paper goods, and toys and games. Also noted is whether a particular licensee has sales rights for the US, US territories and possessions, US military bases, Canada, and/or worldwide (with or with exclusions of specific countries or regions).
  • Merchandiser Ordering List (One page, printed both front and back.) Lists of available single DVDs and VHSs, various display/merchandiser configurations and prepacked video products, and merchandiser dimensions.
  • Advertising and Promotional Requirements and Guidelines. (Four pages.) Details on advertising requirements, retail websites, pre-sell advertising requirement, promotional requirements, MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) guidelines, and contact information.

 Extended Edition DVD Sampler

This very rare DVD sampler was designed for use by retailers, to run for potential customers. It shows a 74-minute continuous loop presentation selected from over 30 hours of exclusive content produced for the FOTR Extended Edition.


  • Cover Letter
  • Sampler DVD
  • DVD Cardstock Flap Case

The Cover Letter:

One page, printed on cream parchment letterhead with tan Middle-earth map background details and gold foil accents that match the patterns on the press kit folder. The cover letter was folded into quarters to fit inside the DVD sampler package.

The cover letter is dated September 23, 2002, and is addressed, “Dear Journalist.” It introduces the Extended Edition concept, the enclosed sampler, the available formats, and the special features on the set’s DVDs. It also overviews how the sampler works and the features on it. It concludes with contact information.

On the inside package flap (selected details):

Experience 74 minutes from over 30 hours of exclusive content created for the all-new version of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring TM.

DVD Sampler. This disc will automatically play in a continuous loop when placed in any DVD player. To view each item separately, select “Menu” on your DVD remote and navigate through the list of contents as listed below:

  • Animated Main Menu Demonstration (Disc Three)
  • Introduction by Peter Jackson (Disc Three)
  • From Book to Script (Disc Three)
  • Storyboards and Previz: Making Words into Images (Disc Three)
  • New Zealand as Middle-earth (Disc Three)
  • A Day in the Life of a Hobbit (Disc Four)
  • Music for Middle-earth (Disc Four)
  • Special Extended DVD Edition Preview

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring TM. Special Extended DVD Edition.

All-New Movie. Specially created for home viewing, with over 30 minutes of new and extended scenes added to the film by Director Peter Jackson, including new music composed by Howard Shore.

  • 4 Feature-Length Commentaries
  • Feature Run Time: 208 Minutes

All-New Content. Includes 2 discs of special features not seen on the theatrical version DVD.

  • 17 Original Documentaries and Featurettes
  • Over 2,000 Photos and Conceptual Sketches
  • Interactive Maps

And more! All-New Experience.

On the package back cover: Details about the street date, order date, Suggested Retail Price, Minimum Advertised Price, etc., for both the DVD and Gift Set editions.