133 DVD Theatrical: ROTK*

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The Return of the King

Marketing the ROTK Theatrical Edition

The Return of the King DVD Promos 1

Theatrical Release Digital Asset Kit

ROTK Theatrical Edition DVD ~ Digital Assets Kit

The Digital Assets Kit (DAK) for The Return of the King Theatrical Edition contains 2 sections:

  • Key Art and Packaging.
  • Photography/Trailer (19 photos). The trailer is viewable (very small), but it is not downloadable.

Interface: Details to be added.

DAK (Theatrical Version) Rarity and Value: As best I can recall, I have seen this theatrical release Digital Asset Kit (DAK) about as frequently as the DAK for the ROTK Special Extended Edition. Both of them are relatively rare, and I can only remember seeing each of them listed on eBay about once or twice in the past 12 months (mid-2009 through mid-2010).

Given that rarity, the Special Extended Edition DAK should probably be priced higher, as it includes the complete catalog of LOTR DVDs, VHSes, Collector’s Gift Sets, and Trilogy Slipcase Sets, where the Theatrical DAK has only about three-quarters of that amount of information and images.

Theatrical Release Paper Press Kit

ROTK Theatrical Edition DVD ~ Paper Press Kit

The paper press kit includes five items:

  • Two-pocket folder.
  • Press release (4 pages) for the 2-disc Theatrical version of ROTK, with details on the film trilogy, release dates, box office statistics on ROTK and the trilogy, nominations and awards, and about New Line Home Entertainment.
  • DVD Fact Sheet (3 pages) with details on pricing, content/special feature, and run time.
  • Box Office Records and Awards Honor Roll (5 pages) with statistics on viewing and box office earnings, nominations for awards received from 14 different film organizations.
  • The Return of the King Introduces New Creatures, Characters and Civilizations to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (3 pages), with details on Shelob, the Haradrim and Mûmakil (Oliphaunts), Gondor and Minas Tirith, Pelennor Fields, The Paths of the Dead, Stairs of Cirith Ungol, and The Grey Havens.

Several of the paper press kits that I have seen on eBay have had the Digital Assets Kit CD-ROM included. However, sometimes the Digital Assets Kit has also been available separately. So, I am unsure whether all paper press kits include the CD-ROM.

This press kit shows the exceptional quality that we typically find in Lord of the Rings promotional items. For instance, the folder is produced with full four-color printing and the cover design includes the White Tree of Gondor embossed into the paper. Also, all four press releases in the packet are on cream letterhead paper with a very light tan faux watermark on the right-hand side (so light that it doesn’t appear in my scans). The blue artwork in the upper left-hand corner on cover sheets is actually metallic foil, and the LOTR wordmark is printed in golden yellow and tan inks.

Official Promotional P.O.P. (Point Of Purchase) Kit

For each film in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the official DVD/VHS merchandising release kit was shipped to merchandising outlets and stores where LOTR video products would be sold. These kits – also known as Point of Purchase (or P.O.P.) kits – were shipped in custom-size cardboard boxes, and included a set of 12 pins/badges plus a combination of other promotional items for the store.

The P.O.P. kit for The Return of the King included:

  • 12 rectangular character pins.
  • 1 chevron/shield-shaped vinyl window cling of the composite character – featuring Aragorn.
  • 2 regular-size (27″ x 40″) composite character posters.

12 ROTK Promotional Pins

  1. Aragorn
  2. Arwen
  3. Éowyn
  4. Faramir
  5. Frodo
  6. Gandalf (the Grey)
  7. Gimli
  8. Gollum
  9. Legolas
  10. Merry and Pippin
  11. Sam
  12. What is the fate of the One Ring?

Other Items

Print Ads

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Other Items

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