132 DVD Theatrical: TTT*

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The Two Towers

Marketing TTT Theatrical Edition

The Two Towers DVD Promos 1

Theatrical Edition Release – Digital Announce Kit

Packaging formats

  • In white CD sleeve, packaged with a paper press kit
  • In a brown “Digital Announce” printed cardboard sleeve. With this version of the digital assets kit for TTT, there was an “instant winner” contest online by entering a code.

General Interface Format

  • The transition to each section page features a quick clip of a quote from Sméagol/Gollum.
  • There is the choice among the same 4 music soundtrack selections, which can be selected on any page.
  • There are specific sound effects that match each category page, and they can be turned on and off.

Home Page Format

  • Background images include the two Towers (Orthanc and Barad-dûr), mist, and Gollum.
  • The Gollum image is an animation based on Gollum in the Dead Marshes, stroking the ring, which occasionally transitions to a head-shot of Gollum shrieking.
  • The music on the home page is Gollum’s/Smeagol’s theme song from the credits of The Two Towers.
  • There are 7 category links on the menu page, and as the mouse rolls over the title, an icon distinct to that title appears and spins above the title.
  • Campaign Overview
  • Product Information
  • Key Selling Points
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Merchandising and P.O.P.
  • Marketing Material and Asset Library
  • Cool Stuff
  • At the bottom of the home page are key dates for retailers of The Two Towersproducts:
    • Pre-Sell Start Date: May 9, 2003
    • Merchandiser Order Due Date: July 15, 2003
    • Singles Order Due Date: July 22, 2003
    • Street Date: August 26, 2003

Page #1 – Campaign Overview

  • Sméagol says: “Not listening! Not listening!”
  • Artwork and Sound Effects: The Eye of Sauron atop the Tower of Barad-dûr, and Mount Doom in the background. Every so often, there are sounds of an explosion on Mount Doom.
  • Page Features: Campaign overview video (3:45). It includes movie critics’ Top 10 list, awards, theatre gross in the U.S., consumer purchase survey statistics, special features list in the Theatrical release, promotional campaign partners, display materials available (promo pins and display stands), Adventure Card, and photo montage.

Page #2 – Product Information

  • Sméagol says: “Master looks after us now.”
  • Artwork and Sound Effects: Treebeard and Fangorn Forest. Icon of the White Tree of Gondor. Every so often, you hear Treebeard groan.
  • Page Features: The culture of Ents. DVD features list and packaging. Extended Edition information. Fact Sheet (1 page PDF).

Page #3 – Key Selling Points

  • Gollum says: “M-u-r-d-e-r-e-r …”
  • Artwork and Sound Effects: Plains of Rohan, with sounds of winds, the beat of horse hoofs, and whinnies.
  • Page Features: The culture of Men. Box office statistics. Purchase intent and urgency. Theatrical exit survey results. Critical acclaim and awards.

Page #4 – Advertising and Promotions

  • Gollum says: “Where would you be without me?”
  • Artwork and Sound Effects: Frodo, with sounds of wing beats and bellows of the Fell Beast. The Mount of Minas Tirith.
  • Page Features: The culture of Hobbits. Media support. National promotional partners. Adventure Card details.

Page #5 – Merchandising and Point of Purchase

  • Gollum says: “What did you say?!”
  • Artwork and Sound Effects: Gimli, with background sounds of beer drinking at the Golden Hall at Edoras. Helm’s Deep in the background.
  • Page Features: The culture of Dwarves. Merchandiser display information and images, including a click-to-view feature to rotate a 3D model 360 degrees. Point Of Purchase information and images. The P.O.P. Kit (1 composite poster x 4 copies, 1 oval window cling of Gollum, and 12 different pins/badges).

Page #6 – Marketing Materials and Asset Library

  • Sméagol says: “Master’s my friend!”
  • Artwork and Sound Effects: Arwen, with clips of Arwen speaking Elvish. Rivendell in the background.
  • Page Features: The culture of Elves. Downloadable product images and advertising assets (print, radio script, web). Print assets include title treatment, poster, ad mat, billing block, TV screen insets, 3D packaging, 2D packaging, high-resolution key art, and DVD menu images. Link to visit Warner Brothers Home Video (WHVdirect.com) for additional images and marketing assets.

Page #7 – Cool Stuff

  • Gollum says: “Wicked! Tricksy! False!”
  • Artwork and Sound Effects: Gandalf, with sound effects of breathes. Background of Fangorn Forest.
  • Page Features: The culture of Wizards. 2 Screensavers (Gollum, characters of Middle-earth).  10 Wallpapers (Aragorn, Arwen, Éowyn, Frodo, Frodo and Sam, Gimli, Gollum, Legolas, Saruman, King Théoden) in three different sizes (800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024). 8 E-Cards (Aragorn, Arwen, Frodo, Gandalf, Gollum, Legolas, Sam, the Eye of Sauron). 8 AOL Messenger Icons (same list of characters as the E-Cards; their images alternate with The Two Towers wordmark title frame).

Theatrical Release Paper Press Kit

Images and details forthcoming.

Official Promotional P.O.P. (Point Of Purchase) Kit

TTT Promo Pin Set

For each film in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the official DVD/VHS merchandising release kit was shipped to merchandising outlets and stores where LOTR video products would be sold. These kits – also known as Point of Purchase (or P.O.P.) kits – were shipped in custom-size cardboard boxes, and included a set of 12 pins/badges plus a combination of other promotional items for the store.

The P.O.P. kit for The Two Towers included:

  • 12 rectangular character pins.
  • 1 oval vinyl window cling of Gollum.
  • 4 regular-size (27″ x 40″) composite character posters.

12 TTT Promotional Pins

  1. Aragorn
  2. Arwen
  3. Eowin [This is a mistake; should be Éowyn.]
  4. Frodo
  5. Gandalf (the Grey)
  6. Gimli
  7. Gollum
  8. King Théoden
  9. Legolas
  10. Merry and Pippin
  11. Sam
  12. Wormtongue

Other Items

Print Ads

Images and details forthcoming.


Images and details forthcoming.

Other Pins

Images and details forthcoming.


Images and details forthcoming.