125 Awards, Nominations, and Recognitions*

Trilogy – Winner of 17 Academy Awards®

The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

  1. Cinematography
  2. Makeup
  3. Music (Original Score
  4. Visual Effects

The Two Towers (2002)

  1. Sound Editing
  2. Visual Effects

The Return of the King (2003)

  1. Art Direction
  2. Costume Design
  3. Film Editing
  4. Makeup
  5. Music (Original Score)
  6. Music (Original Song)
  7. Sound Mixing
  8. Visual Effects
  9. Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
  10. Directing
  11. Best Picture

IMDB Comprehensive Lists of Nominations and Awards

The Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) has many great features, among which are: cast and crew details, release dates and global ticket sales information, DVD release details, and nominations and awards information. For details on nominations for awards and special recognitions, IMDB is the most comprehensive listing I have found. They include worldwide awards, not simply the most well-known US and UK awards. They also include awards and special recognitions given by professional/artisan groups, organizations with specific interests, and the general public. (Note that awards may be given even several years after a movie is released.)

Currently – 2011 – the link to a film’s nominations and awards page is found near the bottom of the main IMDB page for the movie, along with links to multitudes of other details. The links below go directly to the IMDB Awards Page for that specific film.

The Fellowship of the Rings

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

“For Your Consideration” (FYC)

Sample LOTR “For Your Consideration” Screener, Score, and Script

“For Your Consideration” (occasionally seen in its abbreviated form of “FYC”) is a phrase every film-maker hopes will yield an awards nomination. Shown in the image above are the typical kinds of media items produced to give members of various academies, guilds, and societies that consider a film and its film-makers for award nominations. In addition to these items, the production company generally produces advertisements for key trade magazines to promote the film in general or cast and/or crew members and teams for specific awards.

For Your Consideration items are relatively rare in the first place. As time goes on, FYC items typically get even more difficult to locate, but do tend to show up in secondary markets like eBay.

Below are close-up views of the sample screener, score, and script. From what I have seen on eBay, these are typical of the overall “corporate design” used for all three films: black background with gold title treatment and gold and white lettering for “FYC” DVDs and CDs (both entire score and individual song); and plain paper and brass split tacks for the script.

Sample DVD Screener ~ The Fellowship of the Ring

Sample Score CD ~ The Two Towers

The printing on the gold-tone CD is fairly light, so here is the text, in case it is illegible in the above photo.

On the left is the logo for New Line Cinema : An AOL Time Warner Company.

On the right is:

  © 2003 New Line Productions, Inc.

TM Tolkien Ent. lic. to NLP, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

Along the bottom is:

For Your Consideration

Best Original Score


Composed, Orchestrated & Conducted by Howard Shore

Best Original Song

GOLLUM’S SONG (Track #17)

Music by Howard Shore – Lyrics by Fran Walsh

Sample FYC Script ~ The Return of the King

The split brass clips used on the above script are very typical for older versions of For Your Consideration that are photocopied and three-hole punched. In the 2010 decade, it is becoming more frequent to see an FYC script distributed on CD-ROM, sometimes packaged with some kind of brochure or folder promoting other features nominated for that film (or that the film company hopes will be nominated).

This particular FYC script for The Return of the King is 151 pages. Each page has the running header line – Final Revision – October, 2003 – followed by the page number.

More About “For Your Consideration” Screeners

A “screener” is a promotional DVD (or, more rarely in recent years, VHS tape) that is produced to promote a film or TV program, as with the “For Your Consideration” awards screener from The Fellowship of the Ring shown above. (Another similar kind of screener is used for marketing purposes, to promote pre-release orders by retailers for forthcoming DVDs.)

Award screeners typically have a fairly subdued presentation – often a black DVD case insert with simple lettering, one or two colors for the lettering and logo, and no artwork (other than perhaps a film company logo); they also have the “For Your Consideration” slogan clearly printed on the front cover and some kind of similar notice appears periodically as the DVD is playing. A screener DVD sometimes contains a notice at the beginning that the film may be in an unfinished form in its video, audio, and/or special effects; or that it periodically shifts from color to black and white as a copy protection feature. Also, there is typically no “root menu” or “special features” on the DVD, just the opening notices and then the entire film, mini-series, or select program episodes.