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Trilogy Tuesday ~ December 2003

Trilogy Tuesday Overview and Links

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Trilogy Tuesday Promotional Banner

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LOTR Trilogy Film Frame Collectible (2003)

The Trilogy Film Frame Collectible, produced by Sideshow/Weta, was distributed to those who attended the LOTR Trilogy in December 2003. It was not available for sale. It was made in a limited edition, with the piece displaying a unique set of actual film frames from each movie in the Trilogy. It was packaged in a custom box, and included a flyer, printed on one side, and the paper artwork looks like a watermark version of the Aragorn teaser poster.

Details of Box

The box is approximately 5.75″ wide x 4.5″ high x 1.75″ deep.  It includes the logos of Sideshow-Weta Collectibles and New Line Cinema on the front, and web addresses on the back:

Text on the box sides: Celebrate The Lord of the RingsTM Trilogy with this unique piece of film history. Features an actual film strip from each movie.

Details from the box bottom: Item #10001. Copyright year is 2003. Film strips are unique to each item and those show non the package may not be indicative of enclosed piece.

The Film Frame Collectible

The Film Frame itself is 5″ wide x 4″ high x 1.25″ deep. See the description in the Flyer Insert Text.

The base of the Collectible shows the Sideshow-Weta and New Line logos, the name of the item, the titles of the three movies, and copyright information.

Flyer Insert Text

Congratulations on receiving this unique piece of film history.

At the request of New Line Cinema, Sideshow Collectibles and Weta Workshop have designed this ultimate gift item celebrating The Lord of the RingsTM film trilogy. Weta Workshop, the effects studio responsible for helping Peter Jackson to bring Middle-earth to life, has crafted this exclusive desk piece that includes actual film frames from The Fellowship of the RingTM, The Two TowersTM, as well as The Return of the KingTM. Each strip of film is unique and individually cut from a single reel selected from each of the three films. These frames are in CinemaScope wide-ratio format, which gives that actual frame the appearance of being distorted. However, when it’s projected onto screens in theaters using an anamorphic lens, the frame appears proportional. The film frames also have thin stripes on the left hand side of each frame. These stripes are optical sound tracks.

The film frames are embedded in a hand crafted desktop frame that is representative of the most iconic cultures in each of the films. The Fellowship of the Ring sculpted motifs include the graphics on the door to the Mines of Moria, as well as Dwarven architectural elements. The Two Towers sculpted motifs include the Golden Sun seen above the doors of the Great Hall of Rohan, as well as other Rohirrim elements. The Return of the King sculpted motifs include the White Tree of Gondor, as well as motifs of Minas Tirith including the crown and seven stars of Gondor. The frame is accented by the Eye of Sauron located at the apex of the cultures with the graphic motifs of his overbearing presence invading down into the entire piece.