003 Copyrights & VeRO Notices

Notices on Copyrights and VeRO

The LOTR Collector Notes website is meant to serve as a source of information and entertainment to its readers. No rights or transfer of usage is implied by the presence of any information or image here.

I make every effort in good faith to maintain the copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights of those who produced the materials and memorabilia mentioned.

  • I only use stock photos from other websites when that is explicitly allowed, such as by Houghton-Mifflin (the official publishers of The Lord of the Rings and related movie tie-in books) and if I do, I abide by their “terms of use.”
  • I use scans or photos of items I have at one time owned, and there are times when I cover or otherwise obscure details (such as signatures) that could otherwise be misused to counterfeit the product.
  • Whenever possible, I link to another source’s website so you can see the whole context of what they said. When I quote other sources, I seek to abide by the U.S. rules of “fair use,” which means short quotations, not wholesale copying-and-pasting. This is also why I do not post entire documents, such as production notes or promotional brochures found in film press kits.

I seek to demonstrate ethical integrity. However, I am not a lawyer or a professional publisher and probably make mistakes at times. If I’ve accidentally overstepped boundaries, or if you have corrections or additions to site information, please let me know through the Contact page, and I’ll take care of changes as quickly as possible.